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In order to let more people know about synthetic biology and the competition of iGEM, We not only held several campaigns between other Taiwanese iGEM teams, we also established a Blog ( and a Facebook page ( for publics around the world. All Facebook (FB) users have free access to this page. This is one of the attempts We made to promote the visibility of synthetic biology during general public and students of all ages. In order to increase accessibility, we translated the journal article to traditional Chinese. All the articles were posted in traditional Chinese, too. We summited articles about latest advances in synthetic biology and fields relating to iGEM, in a routine schedule, usually two to three articles per week. In sum, we had posted more than 30 articles form July, 2012. The content not only includes latest journal articles sharing, our iGEM NTU_Taida project, the detail process of how we establish our team and the cooperating meetings between us and iGEM team NYMU_Taipei, NCTU_Formosa ,two teams from Taiwan and another team in USA, UIUC-Illinois.


The result was totally better than what we ever expected, we had 271 likes from FB users, and the number are still increasing! These users have more than 84,715 friends on FB, once they pushed the like button, these are all the potential audiences who can see NTU_Taida articles. We also got several followers who chose to receive FB notices if we release any new article. Each time we released a new article, you can see that more than 200 FB users will see it within a day. Some undergraduate students even came to us, face to face, to know more . They wanted to start their own iGEM team early, to think of a great project, and recruit their members early. We gave them our best wishes and promised to share our experiences in iGEM competition.


Seeing all these great results, we want our internet platform to be more inspiring for any person who is interested. We start to collect any information about synthetic biology in Taiwan. Recently, we released a notice about symposiums , such as the 6th IECA Conference 2012: Synthetic Biology with Applications to Biotechnology in National Taiwan university. We want this platform to be a space where all those who are interested in synthetic biology can share and get new information, not only now, but also in the future.