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NYMU-Taipei and NCTU_Formosa

Joint Conference

Since it is the first time for medical students in NTU participating iGEM competition, we got into contact with the team NYMU-Taipei, NCTU_Formosa and UIUC_Illinois, who were all well-experienced teams. We held two interscholastic conferences discussing issues such as how to promote synthetic biology, bioengineering to others and how to cooperate in a larger scale. We shared each others’ projects, help each other to find potential problems and had several lunches, mountain-climbing activities. Thank them for helping us so much.

Tea Break During Meeting with NYMU
Discussion with NYMU


Part Construction

One of the team who had cooperated with us extensively is NYMU_Taipei, not only did we help each other with our project improving, we also went deep further to help each other with our project experiments. After discussing for several times, NYMU_Taipei let us further modify two of their constructs, SQR (BBa_K896000) and CysI (BBa_K896001). We combined our temperature sensitive promoter phs (BBa_K817050) with those two parts, separately, forming two new constructs. Further detail can be found in Their wiki.

On the other hand, NYMU_Taipei helped us do plasmid loss rate functional assay with our constructs, parAB(BBa_K817019) and tnpR(BBa_K817018). Their function testing results also showed big success. These results can also be seen in their wiki. We deeply appreciate what they had done. Thanks, NYMU_Taipei!

Transgenic Microorganism Team NYMU Required

UIUC_Illinois iGEM Team

Internet Conference

Similar cooperation like us and NYMU_Taipei, NCTU_Formosa had also happened internationally. Two of our team members went to UIUC, Champaign, Illinois for visiting. While they were at USA, they contacted the local UIUC_Illinois iGEM team. After several arranging between both team leaders, we and the UIUC_Illinois team held a group meeting with each other. Due to the geographic barriers, we can only held international conference through the internet. We then had our international conference online on the same specific time, a bright night at Champaign, Illinois and a sunny day in Taipei,Taiwan. We introduced our team members, shared both our projects, post questions at each other and provided advices. The team members at the USA further went on deeper discussion with them and took a tour at UIUC_Illinois’ laboratory. Thanks to them, we had more detail understanding about how iGEM works and how to reshape our project focus. It was really a great time talking to you, thanks, UIUC_Illinois. We were happy to know that you guys also entered the World Championship!!

On-line Conference with UIUC