World Championship Jamboree/Hurricane


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Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the US on Monday October 29. The Boston area fared well with minor damage.

The World Championship Jamboree will proceed as scheduled.

However, the storm caused major damage in the New York and New Jersey area as well as the Washington DC area. This may affect your flights to Boston if you were scheduled to connect through any airports in those cities. We advise that you monitor your flight schedules and get in touch with your airline for updates.

IF your travel plans have been affected, please let iGEM Headquarters know as soon as possible.

Delayed Flights

If you were scheduled to present on Saturday but your flight is delayed, please tell iGEM HQ right away.

There is some room in the schedule to add in a few more presentation slots.

Note that it is not easy to change the schedule. Please use this option ONLY if you know you will not be arriving in Boston for Saturday but WILL be able to attend on Sunday. Otherwise, see below.

Contact HQ By: Friday November 2 at 3:00pm EDT

Cancelled Flights

If you were scheduled to present at the Jamboree but your flight has been cancelled, please tell iGEM HQ right away.

We know how hard teams worked to advance and present at the World Championship Jamboree. So, we are giving teams who cannot get to Boston the option of sending us a video of your presentation by FRIDAY at 3pm. You must send an email to iGEM HQ and tell us that you wish to send a video because you cannot make it to Boston. Your presentation will be shown during your scheduled time slot and, if possible, we can conduct a 5 minute question and answer session via Skype. Due to the audio and voice limitations, only video recorded presentations will be accepted.

Contact HQ By: Friday November 2 at 3:00pm EDT