XMU's 2012 iGEM team has constructed a fluorescent digital display device with synthetic logic gates, which is able to respond to signals by displaying and switching numbers. We put GFP equipped with degradation tags in downstream to illuminate our numbers and change them quickly as well. Considering our engineering background, we accordingly employ cell immobilization to build our device. Engineering bacteria have been embedded in intra-hallow calcium alginate microcapsules and in PDMDAAC-NaCS microcapsules, respectively. In addition, 3D CAD design is performed for a perfect device…

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Asian iGEM Jamboree, 5-7 October, HKUST

XMU-China has won a GOLD medal and become one of the 17 out of 53 teams advancing to World Championship . We are looking forward to present our project to the whole world at MIT. You are warmly welcomed to attend.

Venue: Room 32-123

Date: 11:00 AM, Nov 3rd, Saturday

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By adding different inducers, cells in tubes can respond to different signals by display and switching numbers.


Digital Display Immobilization Time delay
Synthetic circuits with genetic logic gates, which compute extracellular and intracellular signals and elicit response differently.[see more] Immobilization of fluorescent E.coli cells. Design a bioreactor for numeric display.[see more]

Testing the delay of time for GFP expression when we use different strength of RBS.[see more]