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BU-Wellesley iGEM Team: Meet the Team Members


Kimberly Chang | Wellesley College '12

Kimberly graduated from Wellesley College last semester with a degree in Media Arts and Sciences and Japanese. She is interested in the intersection between art, media, popular culture and the potential for art to influence and connect people. In her free time, she is probably either drawing, painting or hanging out on twitter.

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Kathy Liu | Wellesley College '13

Kathy is a Wellesley senior biology major. She is interested in exploring the interactions between HCI and synthetic biology. This summer, she focused on implementing the backend design for the MoClo planner, as well as focusing on human practices issues in the iGEM projects. This is her second year in iGEM and the HCI lab.


Wendy Xu | Wellesley College '13

Wendy approaches HCI from the user's perspective, with an artist's eye, and with a background in Neuroscience. She wants to define naturalistic ubiquitous interactions with technology starting with multiouch and gesture sensing platforms. Her courseload has included Advanced Video Production, Data Structures, Virtual Form: Maya, Graphic Design and New Media theory.


Nahum Seifeselassie | MIT '13

Nahum is studying biological engineering at MIT and will be interning at the Wellesley HCI lab for the summer. He hopes to utilize his current knowledge of synthetic biology while expanding his computer science and programming skills.


Casey Grote | Wellesley College '14

Casey is a junior, Computer Science major at Wellesley college. Casey has been with the lab since summer 2011, and is excited about the intersection between hardware and user experience, open source computing and breaking computers.


Linda Ding | Wellesley College '14

Linda is a junior and a Computer Science major at Wellesley College. She is interesting in how humans interact with computers, especially in the realm of holograms! If she is not found coding, she is most likely playing Ultimate Frisbee!


Kara Lu | Wellesley College '14

Kara is a junior Biology major at Wellesley College. While she has focused on the natural sciences so far, she's very excited about branching out into Computer Science and exploring its role in multidiscipline applications.


Nicole Francisco | Wellesley College '14

Nicole is majoring in Computer Science and Economics. She is interested in enhancing the user's experience and make the interaction between them and emerging interfaces more intuitive. She is looking forward to developing applications on new platforms.


Veronica Lin | Wellesley College '15

Veronica is a rising sophomore at Wellesley College studying Computer Science and Economics. She enjoys CS because it is a worthwhile challenge that enhances her programming skills, creativity, and ability to collaborate with others. This is her first year working in the Human Computer Interaction Lab at Wellesley College.


Madeleine Barowsky | Framingham High School '14

Madeleine is a currently a rising junior at Framingham High School. She worked in the Wellesley HCI lab this summer through the Wellesley College-Framingham High School internship program. She loves programming because she likes problem-solving, especially in creative ways.


Advisers and Mentors

Orit Shaer | Wellesley College

Orit Shaer is the Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Wellesley College. She also serves as a co-director of the Media Arts and Sciences program. Her research in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), focuses on developing interaction techniques and software tools for next generation user interfaces.

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Consuelo Valdes | Wellesley College '11

Consuelo is working full time at the Wellesley College Human-Computer Interaction Lab as a research fellow. She is currently working on Microsoft Surface applications and iPhone applications.
Her favorite Starbucks drinks are Non-Fat Caramel Frappaccinos with 1/2" of caramel sauce at the bottom and Iced coffees with 4 pumps of white mocha.

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