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Wellesley HCI iGEM Team: Social

Lab Bonding

You haven't bonded until you do hot (bikram) yoga as a team!

All you can eat sushi as a lab? Done!

Check out Kimberly presenting the concepts of Synthetic Biology to a group of high school students!

Before we head in for the Dark Knight rises premier playing Mafia :)

Celebrating Veronica's big 18th birhtday!

Cramming into an elevator at Microsoft NERD!!!

A day in the user's shoes! Getting our hands on the eChromi project.

Presenting to the Wellesley College community about our projects and Synthetic Biology.

Madeline made awesome gourmet cupcakes and Kathy couldn't get enough of them!

Computer scientists at work.

CS action shot!

One of our many potlucks over the summer. Delicious food was had by all!

Candid lab meeting photo!

Check out the Beast!

Brainstorming - Look at all the ideas on the white boards!

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