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Alex Damián Serrano

Aloha! I am a marine scientist working on plankton biology. I have experience with bioluminescent marine invertebrates and microbial plankton ecology. Though I have a more basic-science profile, I am inspired by biological and ecological properties of these organisms to design applied biotech systems such as this one. Besides science, I love SCUBA diving, playing Rock music and, of course, party like hell!! :D See ya in Amsterdam, and Oppan Gangnam style!

Miguel Angel Gaspar

Hi!! I’m a project of industrial engineer, 8th semestrer. Since I was little, I have done so many diferent things further school playing football, tenis, playing piano, singing in a Church choir, learning English and German, scouting. I found iGEM as the Challenge to achieve and the Challenge to explore another scientist area that was unknown for me, in other words amazing. After iGEM i know clearly that my future comes beyond an interdisciplinary working, of course biotech within.


Irene Guijarro García

Hi! I'm biologist and I enjoy too much working in the laboratory, but which I really like is teaching Biology.I started in the iGEM because I liked the idea of crate something new by ourselves, and try to find all their applications of everyday life. Furthermore, I like meeting people of diferentes countries, in fact, I was in other Jamboree 2 years ago, and I think that this centralization is an excellent opportunity to meet all of you and give our diferents points of view about science. See you soon!! :)

Cristina Mas Cano

Hello, I'm currently studying Industrial engineering, but I've always been interested in Biology. In my free time, I enjoy watching F-1, football, listening to music, going out with my friends, dancing and any activity outside. I'm very grateful for everything I have learnt making this project. I had never spent that much time in a lab before! After being part of IGEM I discovered that synthetic biology is much more interesting than I could have never imagined. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam!

Ismael Mullor Ruiz

Biotech undergraduate keen on too many things (professionally on tissue engineering, nanotech and synthbio). I heard about iGEM contest because of a friend of mine and I thought that all the concepts surrounding it were pretty fascinating. During the contest I've taken part of both lab and human practises issues (particularly these last ones). When I'm not at the lab I spend most of my time listening to music (Can you guess my likes and dislikes from the profile photo?) and reading whatever.

Rocio Ochoa Fernandez

I am a student of biotechnology and I've been doing lab work during this months. I think the iGEM competition is a good way to gain practice, be creative and also to learn how to work in group. What I usually do in my free time? mmm...well, I haven't free time since I started in the iGEM. Before that I spent my time with my friends, reading a good book or watching series and monologues. I hope see you soon!

Gonzalo de Oyanguren Aparicio

Hey guys! What's up? I'm a marine science student from Valencia. I'm going to graduate later this year and now I'm starting to study biotechnology. I started in the iGEM because when I found out the synthetic biology, I was very impressed, and I decided I wanted to know more about it. About me, I like go out with my friends, playing basketball and listening hip-hop music. I hope you have a nice time in Amsterdam.

Elia Pérez León

Hi! I'm recently graduate in marine science and I really love marine mammals.
So you may wonder ¿why the iGEM? It was simply because I thought it was a good way to open myself doors and to learn new things which, moreover, I am enjoying a lot.
And speaking a little about me… I love diving, playing golf, reading and making puzzles. See you soon!

Juan Luis Reig Valiente

Hi everybody! I am Juan Luis recently biology sciences graduated. I choose to study biology because it is a big studying area. By the time I realized that I prefer subjects related to molecular biology and biochemistry. The first time that I listened to talk about IGEM was through Joaquina Delas Vives who participated in IGEM Valencia/team 2008. Since then I wanted to participate because it is a great opportunity to prove your knowledge and creativity. See you in Amsterdam!

Estefanía Sanchez Chicharro

Hello! I am student of marine science. I look forward to specialize in chemical oceanography. I enjoy diving, cooking, travelling, reading and hanging out with my friends. So… do you wonder why I joined an iGEM team? Well, It is a great chance for learning new things while you meet people and have loads of fun! See you Amsterdam! =)

Ruth Sanz Tamarit

Hi! I am a student of marine sciences and I like to learn new things and to work in the lab.
My university gave me the opportunity to join the iGEM team and I did because I considered that as a great opportunity. And now, as I am working with the team I am enjoying it a lot.
But my summer has not only consisted on working with the team. I also like diving, travelling and reading. See you in Amsterdam!

Arantxa Urchueguía Fornes

Hi world!! I´m a recently graduated biologist and I love everything related to DNA and its regulation mechanisms, so I would like to specialize myself in molecular biology and statistics.
I decided to participate in iGEM to get involved in research. Synthetic Biology is a very exciting new field in Biology and I´m very happy I had the opportunity to learn and take part of it.
Outside the lab I´m a passionate of Bellydancing and dancing in general :)! We see us in Amsterdam!


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