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Human Practices

Our Blog: Synth(ethic) biology.
We have created a blog to dump in it various articles about Synthetic Biology, interviews, experiences of previous years, several activities… Click on the photo below to visit it.

Seminar in Barcelona:

Our team mate Alex Damián carried out a seminar about Synthetic Biology and our project in iGEM at a Marine Sciences Research Institute in Barcelona. There, the audience was composed by people of different fields of study and years of experience.

First of all, he gave a little explanation introducing Synthetic Biology and the importance of outreach activities, international student contests as iGEM…

Then, he finished the speech by giving an interactive time composed of questions and a little discussion about recent papers of Synthetic Biology.

Read more about this at:

An evening at Cheste:

In a village on the outskirts of Valencia, we carried out a series of activities through which we taught children and their parents what are DNA and Synthetic Biology. It is necessary to add that, besides learning, they enjoyed the different activities.

We started with a mural of DNA that children had to paint and then, their parents started to help us painting. Also we did animal cut-outs to make them understand what can do Synthetic Biology: assemble parts to give an organism a new ability.

Finally, they played with water ballons in two teams: adenines had to wet timines and guanines had to wet citosines. So they finished the activities damp but having learned a lot and having passed a good time.

Interview with Justo Aznar Lucea:

In view of the concern about bioethics, we decided to interview the director of the Institute of Life Sciences, in which there is an area of Bioethics. At this interview we asked him his opinion about Synthetic Biology and about iGEM.

First of all we asked him how he met the area of Synthetic Biology and if we was participating in some line of investigation in this area.

Then, he answered some questions about his opinion on different topics connected to the area we are talking about, always defending the idea that in all scientific experiments, before and when doing them, we have to bear in mind the ethical side.

Finally we wanted to know what was his point of view about contests as iGEM and he told us that anything that had the aim to stimulate and to interest students on research was fantastic.

It can be read by clicking on this link.

What do you know about Synthetic Biology?

With the aim to know the opinion of the majority of the population, we are doing an opinion poll and, afterwards, we will analyze the results statistically.

If you want to help us you can answer the poll for your age by clicking on the link bellow.