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Human Practices

Our Blog: Synth(ethic) biology.
We have created a blog to dump in it various articles about Synthetic Biology, interviews, experiences of previous years, several activities… Click on the photo below to visit it.

Seminar in Barcelona:
Our team mate Alex Damián carried out a seminar about Synthetic Biologyand our project in iGEM at a Marine Sciences Research Institute in Barcelona. Read more about this at:

An evening at Cheste:
In a village on the outskirts of Valencia, we carried out a series of activities through which we taught children and their parents what are DNA and Synthetic Biology. It is necessary to add that, besides learning, they enjoyed the different activities.

Interview with Justo Aznar Lucea:
In view of the concern about bioethics, we decided to interview the director of the Institute of Life Sciences, in which there is an area of Bioethics. At this interview we asked him his opinion about synthetic biology and about iGEM. It can be read by clicking on this link.

What do you know about Synthetic Biology?
With the aim to know the opinion of the majority of the population, we are doing an opinion poll and, afterwards, we will analyze the results statistically.