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In order to characterise laccase, the following steps are carried out:

1) W3110 cells transformed with laccase and control W3110 cells are inoculated in 10mL of LB media, and incubated overnight at 37˚C in a 200rpm shaker

2) The O/N culture is then centrifuged at 6100g for 20 minutes, in order to extract the media containing laccase. The supernatant is retained.

3) In order to take readings, cuvettes are prepared with 2.2mL KH2PO4 buffer + 0.5mL laccase supernatant + 0.3mL Syringaldazine, which is added immediately before readings are begun. A blank is created using 0.5mL of LB media instead of laccase supernatant.

4) The optical density of the samples at 530nm is measured at 5 minute intervals over 30 minutes.