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Monday 27.8.12

Aim: To find the right concentration of W3110 E. coli cells in LB that would be later used to streak out on the agar plates to obtain an optimal amount of colonies.

Methods: 1. The colony was inoculated the night before in 10ml of LB plus 10 ul CMP 2. The day after 5 dilutions were made from the sample 3. First solution - 1ml of the original solution & 4ml of the LB Second – 1ml of the first solution & 4ml of the LB Third – 1 ml of the second solution & 4ml of the LB Fourth – 1 ml of the third solution & 4ml of the LB Fifth – 1ml of the fourth solution & 4ml of the LB

Tuesday 28/08

Aim: (on Monday grew WNu o/n in prep for miniprep. This miniprep will be used as a template for pcr of a 2nd nuclease.

Not the synthesised staph aureus nuclease (Plan A). The Wnu Nuclease is considered our plan B.

Methods: (10ul cells, 10ul, amp, 10ml (LB). Wnu cells were obtained from a glycerol stock.

Optimal number of colonies was achieved using the fourth solution/dilution (24 colonies). Using the dilution number 4 we plated out 12 plates.