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H2 E.coli: Results

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Here our experimental results are given.


We measured the amount of H2 produced by E.coli transformed with either “pLac-RBS-fhlA-d.term”(fhlA) or “pLac-RBS-fhlA(E363G)-d.term”(fhlA (E363G)) by the method written in the page AssayMethods.
In this page, we describe the data.

The result is the following (Fig.1)

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Fig.1:H2production in liquid LB medium containing the labeled glucose concentration.
The vertical axis expresses v/v% of H2 in the gaseous phase after we cultivate each E.coli for 8 hours in a container with 1mL each of LB medium and the gaseous phase .The horizontal axis shows the kinds of E.coli and the concentrations of glucose in each medium(“LB+x%” means the glucose w/v concentrations of liquid LB medium is x% more than the usual medium.

The results shown by the Fig.1 is statistically sufficient to conclude the followings.

  • The amount of H2 production is fhlA > fhlA (E363G) > wild type in these conditions.
  • There is a positive correlation between the amount of H2 produced by fhlA and the glucose concentration in the liquid LB.

The detailed interpretations of this result are done in the Discussion.