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Regular Methods

Assembly parts






  • Vector DNA
  • Insert DNA
  • 2x Ligation Mix


1. Make reaction liquid

  • MilliQ up to 20uL
  • 10uL 2x Ligation Mix
  • Vector DNA
  • Insert DNA

2. Incubation at 16 °C for 15-30 min.



  • BioBrick parts / ligation products
  • SOC or LB (No antibiotic) 500uL
  • TE 15uL
  • plates
  • competent cells


to thaw out igem parts

1. With a pipette tip, punch a hole in the foil

2. Add 15uL of TE (MilliQ),and pipetting

3. Pipette 1uL of the resuspended DNA Transformation into your desired competent cells

4. Hold on ice for 30 min.

5. Heat shock at 42°C for 45 seconds (and on ice after it)

6. Add 300uL of LBborth in each epp

7. Wait for 10 mins

8. Hold at 37°C for 30 min.

 (this step can be skipped with ampicillin selection)

9. Plate out

10. Incubate at 37°C

Purification of DNA



  • kit of Promega (SVMinipreps)
  • incubative tube
  • 1.5mL epp tube
  • MilliQ


1. pour contents out of the incubative tube into the 1.5mL tube as you can

2. centrifuge for 10min (15,000rpm)

 (you can centrifuge incubative tube directly when it can endure up to 6,000g )

3. throw supernatant fluid away not to damage the precipitation

 ( you should decant by using yellow tip first / remove culture medium as you can / throw waste water away in bio hazard!)

4.add 250μl cell resuspension solution (red label)、suspend completely

 (incomplete suspending decreases yields / you should use epp stand like a washboard)

5. add 250μl Cell lysis solution(green label)

6. turn the tube upside down four times slowly not to bubble

7. add 10μl Alkalin Protease Sol. (small bottle)

8. turn the tube upside down four times slowly not to bubble

9. wait for 5min (Be careful not to exceed 5min! colon bacillus will disintegrate too much!)

10. add 350μl Neutralization Sol. (blue label)

11. turn the tube upside down four times slowly not to bubble

12. centrifuge for 10min (15,000rpm)

13. put the supernatant fluid to column (germ’s wreckage is adhering below)

14. centrifuge for 1min (15,000rpm)

15. throw flow through (the liquid in the tube below) away

16. add 750uL Wash Sol. to column and centrifuge for 1min (15,000rpm)

17. throw flow through away, put 250μL Wash Sol. to column and centrifuge for 1min (15,000rpm)

18. change the column into 1.5ml tube and centrifuge for 2min (15,000rpm)

19. change the tube into new one and add 50μL MilliQ

 (use Nucleas-Free Water in the kit instead of MilliQ)

20. centrifuge for 1min (15,000rpm) after waiting for 1min

21. take 1 to 1.5μL and determine the concentration by NanoDrop (Don’t dilute)

22. label them

Gel extraction, PCR clean-up


  • kit of Promega (SVMinipreps)
  • Gel


1. Gel Slice and PCR Product Preparation

 Dissolving the Gel Slice  *Cut out gel with wanted band and put it in a tube.  *Add 3 parts Mem. binding sol. to 1 part Gel volume.

 Processing PCR Amplifications  *Add an equal volume of Membrane Binding Solution to the PCR amplification.

2. Shake & Incubate at 50-65 degrees C until gel is completly dissolved.

3. Put in the column.

4. Centrifuge at 15,000 rpm for 1 minute

5. Empty collection tube and add 700 ul Mem. Wash sol, centrifuge for 1 minute.

6. Empty collection tube and add 500 ul Mem. Wash sol, centrifuge for 1 minute.

7. Change the column to a new 1.5 ml Eppendorf and centrifuge at 15,000 rpm for 1 minute.

8. Change the old tube to a new 1.5 ml Eppendorf, add 30ul Nuclease-Free Water, incubate at RT for 1 minutes, then centrifuge at 15,000 rpm for 1 minute.

9. Measure concentration, label the Eppendorf.