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iGEM Brazilian Team

The undergraduate students are from the Chemistry Institute (USP), the Biosciences Institute (USP), the Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty (USP and UNESP) and the Polytechnic School (USP). Postgraduate students are from the Biomedical Sciences Institute (USP), the Biosciences Institute (USP) and the Physics Institute (USP). .

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Team USP-UNESP-Brazil

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Who we are


  • Advisor 1: Glaucia Souza
  • Advisor 2: Vitor Nascimento
  • Advisor 3: Nestor Caticha
  • Advisor 4: José Gregório
  • Advisor 5: Luiziana Ferreira da Silva
  • Grad Student 1: Our leader


Seguir o padrão

  • Cauão Westmann:
  • Cleandho Marcos:
  • Daniel Ariano:
  • Fernando Lindenberg:
  • Francisco Camargo:
  • Joana Guiro:
  • Liliam Oliveira:
  • Lucas Cespedes:
  • Macarena López:
  • Otto Heringer:
  • Pedro Medeiros:

What we did

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Where we're from