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A Reporter System

As proof of concept we have created a reporter system that can be used for anything from monitoring gene expression to determination of protein localization. We expressed and localized fluorescent proteins in the model organism Aspergillus nidulans and the mammalian cell line U-2 OS with great success.


Standardization entails rigidity. Therefore we have written a guide that allows the researcher to customize the system, so proteins can be assembled seamless, multiple mutations can be introduced in one round of cloning etc. The only limitation to this is your creativity.


Here you can learn more about the numerous applications of the Plug’n’Play with DNA assembly standard and the research areas, where this system is especially advantageous.

Data Page

You can find an overview of our project on our Data Page. Here you also find our favorite submitted biobricks, and the biobricks we characterized during the summer.


Designing a novel assembly standard and creating a reporter system for Aspergillus nidulans and mammalian cells are our main achievements. You can read more about our accomplishments on this page.

The Team

We are five girls that have been working on this project for three months with support from our three supervisors. You can learn more about us, and how we started an iGEM team on our Team Page.