All of the members of our team contributed to this work and helped us have a fun and productive summer!

Kendall Kearns and Nate Amidei performed were team leaders for the toxin/antitoxin project and were advised by Stephen Wakulchik and Greg Fedewa.

Verna Huang and Helena Viets were team leaders for the Violacein (split pathway) project and were advised by Susan Chen and Veronica Zepeda.

Sami Chu and Julia Loi were team leaders for the Auxotroph project and were advised by John Haliburton.

Yesenia Lopez and Louis Tan were team leaders for the quorom sensing project (not shown here) and also contributed to the website design and protocol development.

Jingyi Xi, Kendall Kearns, Verna Huang, and Louis Tan performed all of the computational work and were advised by Graham Heimberg and Ben Heinenke.

Jingyi worked on mathematical analysis computational parameter searching, sensitivity analysis and part of simulation of the auxotroph and toxin-antitoxin system to make both qualitative and quantitative predictions and guidance on experiments. She did only dry lab.

Everyone else contributed to the experiments and wet lab portion of the project. All team members contributed to the content of the wiki page and most of the information was uploaded by the team coordinator, Veronica Zepeda