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First Years

Nate Amidei

This is Nathaniel Amidei. He is the sultan of solutions, the prince of PCRs, and the tzar of timepoints. He is fearless in the face of his major, Biochemestry, on the battlefield they call UC Davis. And most importantly, he stares down the competition until it is unanimously decided that he deserves the prize.

Verna Huang

Hi, my name is Verna Huang. I've loved science since 6th grade, and I hope to expand my interest in science through iGem. When not geeking out over synthetic biology, I like to read fiction of any kind, draw my surroundings, and swim. I intend to pursue a major in chemical engineering at University of California in Santa Barbara this fall.

Kendall Kearns

Hi there! My name is Kendall Kearns. I love food, sleep, the color blue, music, art, and hanging out with friends and family. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, reading, olympic weightlifting or working out, and cooking! I'm currently attending UC Irvine, possibly majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. I might also want to minor in something else, but I'm not sure yet!

Louis Tan

My name is Louis Tan. I graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco, CA in 2012. Currently, I am attending UC Berkeley as a freshman. My intended major is Molecular and Cell Biology. I enjoy running in parks and places filled with nature and pretty green foliage. A major hobby of mine is art, and I recently discovered a love for figure drawing. Though I can't draw faces effectively, I am working on improving my skillz. If you ever see me in the street, feel free to ask me for a portrait, and I will show you how much I have improved. :)

Helena Viets

My name is Helena Viets. I like the color green, cats, olympic weightlifting, dragon boat, ice cream, and naps. I devote my free time to the things in the previous sentence, and devote my not-free time to going to class at UC Berkeley, pursuing a Molecular Environmental Biology major and a Chinese minor.

Yesenia Lopez

My name is Yesenia Lopez. I am a student attending City college of San Francisco majoring in Molecular and cell Biology. I got interested in the sciences because I had a great Biology teacher my sophomore year at Burton high school. One of the greatest impacts that made sciences so interesting to me is that, I was amazed by the complexity of nature. I couldn't believe tall living organism were composed of cells, I thought it was incredible and very unbelievable. From those years on I have been interested in research and I am glad to be part of the iGem 2012 team. Through this program I was able to see how working in a team with other students for a common goal can prove to worth wild. I am very thrilled to be part of the iGem 2012 Team!

Super Buddies/Second Years

Sami Chu
Hi, I'm Sami Chu. Ever since I saw E. coli glow in biotech class, I was convinced that science was the bomb. Other things that are the bomb include drawing, singing, and watching Netflix. I am a English and Biology double major at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Julia Loi
Julia attends University of California, Irvine. Her hobbies consist of spending time with close friends and going out to eat good food. She loves that science is a never ending process of discovering how natural processes work.
Jingyi Xi
My name is Xi, Jingyi. I just graduated from Peking University as a Physics student. I joined the team in UCSF this summer and continued helping with the modeling portion after going back to Beijing. You might think I is good at mathematics and programming, but I would probably tell you that I am best at cooking.