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Biotechnology Program and Abraham Lincoln High School (ALHS)

The ALHS Biotechnology Program is a two year pathway developed by George Cachianes and co-taught by Julie Reis: Lincoln High Biotech Webpage

The curriculum during the program can be broken down as follows First Year: Introduction to biotechnology, DNA cloning, and the industry and career opportunities

Second Year: Students study and perform several lab protocols including running polyacrylamide and agarose gels, western blots, DNA minipreps, column chromatography, etc.

The UCSF iGEM team is chosen from students that have completed this 2 year class.

Our 2012 UCSF iGEM Team consists of 5 students that just graduated from ALHS, two first year college students that were members of the 2011 UCSF team, and a student from City College of San Francisco!

Motivation for the UCSF iGEM 2012 Project

Sami and Tina writing their initial ideas

Ideas were arranged into categories to look for themes

Some ideas were categorized based on the type of property that would be changed or observed

Julia and Brandon voting on their favorite ideas