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UCSF iGEM 2012

Cell Mates: Engineering Metabolic Cooperation and Cellular Codependence

Initial Project Description:

The 2012 UCSF iGEM team is investigating bacterial symbiosis. We hope to further the understanding of how two bacteria communicate in a mutualistic relationship. We have constructed experiments to demonstrate two methods of symbiosis. We were inspired by a paper (Kerner 2012) that demonstrated tunable symbiosis of two auxotrophic strains of E. coli and attempted to regulate the population ratios of these strains. We have decided to build on this work to create strains of bacteria that can work together - lessening the metabolic burden on each one - to create some product. Our proof of priniciple products are easily identifiable (colorimetric) products such as violacein.

Special Thanks to our 2012 iGEM Team Sponsors!

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