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Advisor 1: Marcos E. Garcia-Ojeda

Advisor 2: Wei-Chun Chin


Michael UrnerMike.png

My name is Michael Urner and I am continuing senior at UC Merced. I will be obtaining a B.S. in Molecular Biology and a B.S. in Materials Science Engineering this coming May. I have a vast background in research. I started when I was a Senior in high school and it includes: botany/horticulture, fungicide research, agriculture research, stem cell, genomic annotation, and polymer synthesis and characterization. I plan to enter industry after graduation and pursue bio-materials fabrication and research.

Duc VoDuc.png

I’m Duc and I joined the iGEM team because I want to have more experience with biology lab. I’m currently a senior at UC Merced, studying biology with Microbiology and Immunology emphasis.

Israel Juarez ContrerasIsrael.png

Hi I'm Israel! I am currently a senior at UC Merced majoring in Bioengineering. Being part of UC Merced has given me the opportunity to become part of new organizations such as being a charter member of Theta Tau and obviously starting up the first iGEM team here! My hobbies including cooking, baking, and well obviously eating! After graduating I plan to explore this world we live in and eventually end up interning and jumping ship to graduate school.

Nosherwan ZahidNosh.png

I joined iGEM because I wanted to learn more about the techniques in molecular biology and get a feel for what it's like to do a research project from start to finish without having clear cut instructions. Having to do independent research and integrating all the knowledge I have gained as an undergraduate -that's something that got me really excited. I am currently studying Biological Sciences at UCMerced with a minor in Applied Mathematics. First and foremost, I plan to Graduate. As a long term goal, I plan to pursue a career in medicine where I can combine my love of science with my ambition to help others. I am interested in research in the medical field -particularly neuroscience.

Yale YuenYale.png

I am a senior studying bioengineering. iGEM caught my interest back at Abraham Lincoln High School. I am really interested in genetic engineering especially after taking a biotechnology course. I am motivated to achieve great things with my education and venture onto some innovative work in the future. On my leisure time hanging out with friends, playing games, and going to the gym is a great way to spend it.

Norman LuongNorm.jpg

My name is Norman Luong and I am a senior getting my B.S. in Bioengineering with a minor in Chemical Sciences. I enjoy cooking, video games, and reading whenever I have the time. My research interests include nanotechnology, sustainable energy, and genetic engineering. I am not sure what field I would like to research in, but my current hope is that getting a job will help me figure that out.

Marwin KoMarwin.png

Hey! My name is Marwin Ko. I currently attend UC Merced as a Bioengineering major. In addition to iGEM, I am a member of the professional engineering fraternity, ΘΤ and international fraternity, ΚΣ. In my spare time I work as a research assistant under Professor Chin investigating scaffolding methods via electrospinning. When I graduate I plan to pursue my masters in mechanical engineering and then eventually a doctorate in electrical engineering. My goal is to work on research that will help re-engineer current mechanical systems using biological systems as a template.

Sunny SethSun.png

I just finished my third year of Biological Sciences with an emphasis on Human Biology at the University of California, Merced. I have never been involved in iGEM before, but I am very excited to be participating this year. I enjoy the biological sciences, particularly physiology and the interaction of drugs with bodily invaders. I am positive that iGEM will be a great opportunity to learn about genetic biology and to develop my research skills. My interests outside of academia include playing basketball, traveling and consumer technology.

Catherine VuCat.png

Hello! My name is Catherine Vu. I am a Biological Sciences major with an emphasis in Human Biology. As a fourth year student at UC Merced, my undergraduate journey has helped to shape my future goals of further studies in biomedical and health sciences. I am excited to participate in iGEM with the hope that I may in some small way contribute to iGEM’s potential impact on our diverse society. My other research interest is in community-engaged research. I feel that both laboratory and community perspectives provide a rich complement to my education and help to broaden my understanding of our complex and changing world. In my free time, I enjoy outdoor adventures, travel, music, and discovering something new every day.

Paul BarghouthPaul.png

My name is Paul George Barghouth and I am a current senior at UC Merced. I will be obtaining my B.S. in Bioengineering this coming May! Due to my current research in the Oviedo stem cell lab and now the iGEM team, I have obtained great interest in the field of research. Therefore, in the future, I will be obtaining my PhD in neuroscience in the hopes that it will help me in my long term goal of working in the field of prosthetics and rehabilitation engineering.

John FlickerJf.jpg

My name is John Flicker and I am currently studying Molecular Biology at UC Merced. I became interested in research while working on Rockfish genetics in the Aguilar Lab at UC Merced. I intend to go to graduate school to pursue a research career in genetics and genomics.

Rumman RazzakRum.png

I am a 4th year undergraduate student of Biology and Philosophy at the University of California, Merced. I enjoy the sciences, information technology and film. I joined the UC Merced iGEM team to further my skills as a cooperative individual in a competitive environment.

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