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UC Merced's founding iGem team is composed of 12 undergraduates and 2 advisors. After months of organizing a team of engineering and natural science majors we finally have a project put together. With biofuels becoming an ever so increasing topic of interest, we will metabolically engineer e. coli in hopes of producing an acceptable ratio of hydrogen gas to sugar.


To exploit the fermentative capabilities of Escherichia coli to produce hydrogen gas, we performed P1 transduction on strain FMJ39 from JW1228-1 to produce the desired triple mutant with the necessary metabolic flux to hydrogen production. In the fermentation process E. coli converts glucose into various intermediate states to generate energy. The transduction of the adhE knockout found in JW1228-2 to FMJ39 will produce a triple mutant with the following genes deleted: ldhA, pflB, and adhE. From these deletions insertions of mhpF, pyruvate decarboxylase, and ferredoxin oxidoreductase will result in a more direct metabolic line towards hydrogen production.