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iGEM UANL 2012


A Special Thanks to:

Biochemistry Department

Enzymology Lab

Dr. Carlos Hernandez-Luna

Biotechnology Institute Lab 1 and L5 labs QBP Omar Eduardo Tovar-Herrera Dr. Jose Antonio Fuentes-Garibay Botanic Department Plant Biotechnology Lab Dra. Deyanira Quistian-Martinez Cellular Biology and Genetics Department Systematic Lab Dr. Jorge Verduzco-Martinez Cellular Biology Lab Dra. Maria Porfiria Barron-Gonzalez Dr. Mario Morales-Vallarta Micropagation Lab Dra. Maria Luisa Cardenas-Avila Dra. Eufemia Morales-Rubio
In order to know basic information of the people who attended this event and their background in biology and biotechnology as well, we decided to apply a survey before starting the tunnel. The questions of this survey were design to know about the age, academic grade, and the field of interest of the people who answered it. A second survey was applied at the end of the tunnel, with questions regarding to the level of satisfaction of the visitors. These questions aimed to know some important aspects about the quality of the event, so that, it can be improved for further editions.