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When me and Jakob first dreamt about participating in iGEM we put it away as mission impossible. But with the help of our advisors and the motivated team we found the iGEM experience turned to be real. I am glad that I was able to gain experience in the wet lab which is usually not part of bioinformatics I am looking forward to finish our project next year.

Jan Rudolph

When Jan and Jakob introduced me to iGEM, my first thought was: „Wow, now I have the opportunity to do something “out of the usual” compared to my “normal” bioinformatics stuff!“ Fortunately iGEM turned out to be a lot of fun in and out of the lab, like learning how to do a PCR or getting to know people of other faculties.
I would enjoy the participation in the future progress of our project.

Simon Heumos

Almost without any lab experience, iGEM gave me the opportunity to learn the basics and to get a feeling for scientific work. Furthermore, it was possible for me to spend the summer with meaningful employment. In a nutshell, iGEM was a very valuable experience. Everything speaks for the next year to participate.

Lukas Zimmermann

I spent many days of this summer in the lab. One of the most exciting vacations and I didn’t even have to travel! Thank you iGEM and Team Tübingen for a great experience, see you next year.

Simeon Roßmann