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Attributions and Contribution


We are proud to say that all of the ideas we worked on this summer were proposed by undergraduate members of our own team. We also want to thank all those advisors and instructors who helped us discuss these ideas and guided us through doing the experiments. The whole experimental data produced by the Tokyo Tech 2012 team comes from experiments carried out all by undergraduates.

The idea of "Romeo and juliet",the idea of "Cell-cell communication"(Takuo Sugiyama)and the idea of "PHA production"(Taku Nakayama) were all proposed by undergraduate members of our team. Modeling related to "Romeo and Juliet" was also done by undergraduate students (Nobuaki Yasuo).


We thank J. Collins for providing JM2.300.

We thank Prof. Ohta H for using fluorescence microscope.

We thank iGEM HokkaidoU Japan 2012 for exchanging opinions about P(3HB) Production.

We thank Prof. Konagaya A and Yoshida K for advising about Modeling.