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BioBricks constructed during iGEM 2012

Overview for TU Munich's iGEM project 2012
BioBicks sorted according to our different subprojects
light inducible (A) ethanol inducible (B) constitutive (C) limonene (D) caffeine (E) xanthohumol (F) thaumatin (H)
BBa_K801030 BBa_K801020 BBa_K801000 BBa_K801060 BBa_K801070 BBa_K801090 BBa_K801080
BBa_K801031 BBa_K801001 BBa_K801061 BBa_K801071 BBa_K801091 BBa_K801081
BBa_K801032 BBa_K801002 BBa_K801062 BBa_K801072 BBa_K801092
BBa_K801033 BBa_K801003 BBa_K801063 BBa_K801073 BBa_K801093
BBa_K801034 BBa_K801004 BBa_K801064 BBa_K801074 BBa_K801094
BBa_K801035 BBa_K801010 BBa_K801065 BBa_K801075 BBa_K801095
BBa_K801036 BBa_K801011 BBa_K801066 BBa_K801076 BBa_K801096
BBa_K801037 BBa_K801012 BBa_K801077 BBa_K801097
BBa_K801038 BBa_K801098

List of all Parts

<groupparts>iGEM012 TU_Munich</groupparts>

Experiences with existing BioBricks

Rating working BioBricks: BBa_K300007

Yeast Integration Vector BBa_K300007 (Partly showed functionality)

Identification of incorrect BioBricks: BBa_K268000

Forbidden restriction sites in pSB6A0 (BBa_K268000g)

Improvement of an existing BioBrick: BBa_K801100

In 2012 the Registry of Standard Biological Parts defined <partinfo>BBa_J04450</partinfo> as the standard shipping part that is required for submission of backbones, creating the need for a RFC25 compatible standard shipping part.

We extended the standard compability of the RFP coding device (<partinfo>BBa_J04450</partinfo>) to RFC10 and RFC25 by adding the NgoMIV and AgeI restriction sites into the prefix and suffix of this part. Additionally two AgeI restriction sites that were present in the generator itself were deleted.

This part may be used as a standard insert for RFC10 as well as RFC25 backbones. This improvement became necessary because insertion of <partinfo>BBa_J04450</partinfo> into a RFC25 compatible backbone leads to the deletion of the desired RFC25 restriction sites that are needed for protein fusions.