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Fig. 1: Movie Making

"Wissen+Konzepte", a scientific online magazine, contacted us via facebook. They asked us if we are interested in making a film about our team and our project. Of course we were really enthusiastic about this proposal. Consequently two nice ladies of the editorial staff of "Wissen+Konzepte" visited us on September 10th.

At first, they took many pictures of our materials in the lab like petri dishes or yeast-medium. They also shot scenes in the lab when doing a SDS-Page. Afterwards, someone of our team explained our project in front of the the camera. Especially the principles of cloning and the use of plasmids were explained using the analogy of a bus: The transfered genes represent the passengers. The third big scene was shot with another participant of our team. He talked about the societal perception of our project, the activities we organized in the context of "Human Practice" and about the Germany-wide Action Day. Besides he mentioned that we chose a topic that is rather controversial in Germany, but that the response to our work is mainly very positive. The next scene was an interview with Prof. Dr. Skerra who also talked about iGEM and synthetic biology. Last but not least the day ended with a scene in a beer garden.

In total it was a lot of fun to make this movie!! The movie will present our project in an intuitive way so as to make it comprehensible to the greater public. That is the concept of Wissen+Konzepte.

We are sorry that we cannot show you this film here since it is still in the postproduction.

Background about Wissen+Konzepte

"Wissen+Konzepte" is a scientific online magazine which reports about new scientific approaches in a simple way. Yet not only the science itself is important, but also the people who have the ideas to do it. Normally "Wissen+Konzepte" is doing corporate publishing for scientists.

Own "Production"

Enjoy our movie about TUM Brew, iGEM's first and finest SynBio beer.

The movie was made by Matthias Moerch.