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Benefits for sponsors

What we need for our successfull participation in the iGEM competition is your support.

What we require most is:

  • laboratory equipment
  • financial support

Your donations will only be used in the context of iGEM for running costs like registration fees, travel expenses and lab material.

What we offer:

  • your chance to sponsor young scientists
  • contact to potential new staff
  • the chance for your company and/or products to leave a permanent impression on future employees in the fields of biochemistry
  • advertising on regional and international level
  • networking with the Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • your logo on the official iGEM-TU Darmstadt page and the iGEM page on the MIT server (latter page will stay online after the closing ceremony of the 2012 competition and will be repeatedly frequented during running competitions) as well as on the presentations and posters

We are excited to make your acquaintance and to elaborate our project in detail.

To get in touch about sponsorship, please feel free to contact Philipp Rottmann.

Your TU Darmstadt iGEM Team