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For Special Awards


For Best Clotho App—

http://www.clothocad.orgThe Seven Parts of BiArkit have been added to the Clotho Frame.  

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For Best SBOL Based Tool— SBOL Converter has been transformed into the Software Version.  

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For Interaction with the parts registry— localized verse of Biobricks has been released.
It serves for scanning and searching the bricks.


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For Best Genome Compiler Based Design The function Genome Complier is advanced and the platform is expanded. Users can upload their own file of genome for visualizing and searching.


For Best Eugene Based Design—

http://www.eugenecad.orgWe have developed an expansion tool for Eugene platform for processing texture file. Users can input one biobrick description file in XML format and then the tool will transfer it into Eugene language format in Eugene script automatically.

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Advantages of BiArkit:

1. BiArkit is completely localized software. Users can employ them without the connection with the Internet.

2.BiArkit is a user-friendly software. Users can set up or uninstall it only by clicking on the Installation Package. And the GUI facilitate users enjoy the interaction with BiArkit.

3.BiArkit is a multi-functional software. It involves necessary functions for the synthetic biology research flow, including large-scale searching, automated designing and system- scale simulating.

4.BiArkit contributes to the advance of Clotho frame.

5.BiArkit is compatible with SBOL and SBML standard. It also includes a SBOL Converter in software version.

6.BiArkit is written in JAVA language. Some parts of it have been successfully transferred to other operating system, such as iphone and android.

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