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Almost everyone has known well what they are doing and how to do it. So what we need to do this week is to continue our work. we also need to make preparations for meeting in HK.

Week 2



Paper Group:

1. We read more paper.

Software Group:

1. We calculated the d score of “data 5.0” and found out the relationship between d score and efficiency.

2. We continued programming. What a fantastic work!

Web Group:,/p>

We finally finished our web page which was approved by majority vote. It does not have fancy design, but clear and informative.


The whole team visited BGI together this morning. We learned a lot from them and found that we still have a long way to go. Doing research was not an easy work. We took a break in the afternoon to celebrate our team member—Qie Boyu’s birthday and enjoyed the rest of the day.


Paper Group:

1. We read more paper.

SoftWare Group:

1. Shen Liuxing designed the software ; Chen Yao helped him to finish it.

2. Wu Zishan wrote a program to calculate the free energy of stem loop.

Web Group:

1. Jing Shui started to learn how to edit our wiki and faced some problems.


Paper Group:

1. We read more paper.

Software Group:

1. Wu Zishan debugged the free energy calculation program; simplified the algorithm and wrote a traceback program to get the secondary structure of the stem loop.

2. Shen Liuxing and Chen Yao were still trying to debug and improve their program.

Web Group:

1. In order to improve our wiki, Jing Shui started to learn how to use flash.


Everyone continued yesterday’s work, but didn’t make much progress. We’ve approached a bottleneck of our project. This afternoon, we had a meeting with BGI, and talked about how we can cooperate with each other in the near future. We guided BGI’s walking tour of our school. What a pity we didn’t get a chance to have dinner together.


We finally optimized our program and uploaded it to our web page.

We prepared our PPT for tomorrow’s meeting in Hong Kong.


BGI and our team visited The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology together to communicate with their IGEM team members. We learnt a lot from them and found out that we still have a lot of things to do. Fortunately, we knew what we need to improve.

We relaxed ourselves and had great fun this afternoon.