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Human Practice Overview

In order to promote the awareness and education of synthetic biology in China, this summer, SUSTC IGEM team has done a remarkable job in motivating all kinds of people to study synthetic biology.

1.Open Classes.

We have record 5 open classes and uploaded to the web aiming at giving people a whole picture of synthetic biology. These 5 classes cover many fields.
   a. Introduction to synthetic biology. It focuses on the history and applications of this searching area.
&&&b. Interesting stories about synthetic biology. We want to let more people have an interest in scientific research.
&&&c. The third part is about central dogma. This is the most important and most beautiful theory in synthetic biology. We hope more people can know it.
&&&d. BioBrick is the essence idea of synthetic biology.
&&&e. The last part involves the lab work. Because biology is a kind of science that based on experiment. It will also be much fun for people who don’t have a chance to visit laboratory.

2. Our team has written an article to help people distinguish synthetic biology from genetic engineering.

3. Speeches in high schools.
We have hold 3 speeches in high schools to motivate high school students to study synthetic biology and guide them to participate in IGEM High School Division. We think that the development of a new subject really needs creative teenagers and future scientists to push forward.

4. Posters.
Besides, we have made 8 posters to let people who attend our lectures have a further understanding of our project and synthetic biology.


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