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Description of Our Project

  • Motivation:

During every synthesis, biologists need to find the proper terminator,which is a tough work . If they can deal with the problem without manual work but electronics, time will be saved a lot. We want to get the goal that when one inputs the sequence of their designed parts or the wanted terminator efficiency on their laptops,our program can immediately output the efficiency or the terminators .on the screen, which they can use directly in their productions. It will save plenty of time and work.

  • Background:

It is important that transcription is imperfectly terminated at some terminator so that the ratio of the amount of downstream of the terminator is controlled. That synthesis in biology needs not perfect termination but a property to pass. Up to now, biologists have built a approximated system which allows us to predict the terminator efficiency of a known-sequence terminator, and even design a terminator with wanted terminator efficiency.

  • What to do:

Our aim is to design a software----T.E.Q which can achieve goals stated below:

  1. The software contains a database of terminator efficiency. This database includes many sequences of terminator and its efficiency. All the sequences were collected by our team members.
  2. If you enter a sequence of terminator, it can calculate the free energy and the efficiency of this sequence. Besides, it will also predict the structure of the sequence.

Project Details

Part 2

The Experiments

Part 3