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  • week9


Notebook for Sept.6th


    Tonight, Prof.He invited Dr.Huang from HKU to join our meeting. Dr.Huang was the instructor for HKU during 2010&2011 iGEM competition, so he had a lot of experience to share with us. He mentioned that the selection of iGEM members in HKU started in March and each candidate was required to submit a proposal. In July, experiment officially started. However, from previous experience, experimenting efficiency is quite low due to new member’s lack of proficiency.

    To solve this kind of problem, universities such as London Imperial College began to prepare for this year’s competition since last year. In addition, he reminded us to prepare answering questions reasonably and logically from the judges who must be very familiar with synthetic biology. Later, our team summarized our recent work. Jiang Yiqi and Guo Jingyao have assigned tasks (designing leaflets, preparing presentation, writing a new song) for volunteers from freshman. Zhu Mubing has solved the problem of non-public API of our first project. Zhang Junqiu and Fan Zili has completed their parts of the second project. Zhao Yujun and Pan Deng have made some progress in optimizing our database. Finally, almost all the team members went to Prof.He’s office to finish their registration to HK.

  • week 10

    In the past four days, our team members have made several noticeable progresses. The sqlite version of our first project has accomplished, the search function of which is much faster than the previous Mysql-webserver version. Equally important, bunches of core technical problems of the second project has been solved such as the connection between curves and graphs. As for the human practice section, the content of leaflet has decided and T-shirts have been finished printing.

    Jingyao Guo: She has been writing proper content for leaflets that are going to be distributed in high schools. She plans to find some manufacture to print our leaflet.

    Yiqi Jiang: She has been helping volunteers from freshman preparing their presentations for high school speech.

    Zili Fan & Xiao Tong: They have made major progress in connecting curves with graphs that had troubled our team for a longtime. And they have solved with all the bugs that might appear in their interface. They are going to integrate other interface with them.

    Yidan Pan & Xin Yang: They have developed a new version of WIKI with the assistance of a freshman. Introduction video and presentation video still are being edited, perhaps finished this weekend. They are going to copy the content to our new wiki and optimize each page with pictures.

    Junqiu Zhang: She expect to join Human Practice Section this week.






  • week 11~12

    Mubing Zhou & Yujun Zhao & Deng Pan : She has been debugging our first project BioSearch. Currently, the program has only two bugs to be solved. She planned to modify the content of the HELP tutorial because in this version of BioSearch, internet connection is unnecessary.

    Xiao Tong & Zili Fan: He has been working on integration of the second project. He has met some problems when he tried to combine scrollview with other interface. He is confident to settle those problems very soon.

    Jingyao Guo & Yiqi Jiang: They have finalized our leaflets and ordered manufacturer to print them. It seems that the leaflets will be ready before Tuesday. Our team T-shirt will be delivered in this week.

    Yidan Pan & Xin Yang & Junqiu Zhang: They have been managing our wiki.