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  • 8.15

    Xiao Tong: Fixed the minor bugs in the first project, such as the display problem when user click "category" button in the search page.

    Mubin Zhou: Primarily succeed in bringing out "undo" function, which enable users to back to the last step of parts controlling.

    Chenchen Lv: On the vacation.

    Deng Pan: On the vacation.

    Jingyao Guo: Made progress that achieved to rotate parts with 90 degree angle.

    Junqiu Zhang: Completed the part of several kinds skipping in the first project, for example, the effect when user click "email".

    Qijia Cheng: On the vacation.

    Xin Yang: Designed the user interface of "drawing", which means the interface that user combining parts.

    Yidan Pan: Test the third kind of style of wiki, and added details in the main page.

    Yiqi Jiang: Brought out the combo box of several pictures in the interface of selecting part.

    Zili Fan: Selected the source code of special effect which may be used in the second project, such as the animation when skipping from one page to another.

    Yujun Zhao: On the vacation.


  • 8.16

    Xiao Tong: Added the function of setting in the first project, including fixing "bookmark" part and help part.

    Mubin Zhou: Mainly achieved several functions such as copy,paste and delete.

    Chenchen Lv: Debugging the part which was designed by Yiqi Jiang.

    Deng Pan: Learned the methods of changing iPhone app into iPad app.

  Jingyao Guo: Achieved to zooming.

  Junqiu Zhang: Web page Pushing .

  Qijia Cheng: Tried UI of iPad app.

  Xin Yang: On the vacation.

  Yidan Pan: Designed the format of team member, collected the photos and introductions.

  Yiqi Jiang: Tried delete function.

  Zili Fan: Deliberated the functions of quartz201.

  Yujun Zhao: Reviewed the knowledge of discrete mathematics.


  • 8.17~8.19

  Receive new student. For more details, please click here.