Week1: Tutorial of X-code

  • 7.9

First lesson about needed softwares to build an iPhone app (Xcode, Cocoa,etc), as well as the basic functions of these tools and syntactic structure of Object C.

  • 7.10

Learned to build UI elements by both codes and interface builder. Besides we tested how to control an interaction between the user and the interface, for example, to change the text in the screen when we clicked the button.

  • 7.11

Learned to change the size of image by varying the value of slider(another kind of UI controls), and made simple animation. We also created a simple browser that could show the website when we inputted the URL.

  • 7.12

Tried to build a muti-page-displayed browser. Added "back","forward","home" buttons for more functions. We learned agency as well, which enable us to realize functions of different class in just one page.

  • 7.13

Achieved picture dragging and spinning functions. Also built a simple program that could show the coordinate of touched place when user touched the screen.

  • 7.14

Learned to create a table whose every row one-to-one corresponded to a particular key (and the key could be used to search the column). We also achieved the navigation function that we could went to different page by clicking different row of the table.

  • 7.15

Learned about memory management. We studied the way to load data from XML files, and add search function to the table we built before. That day we completed with the primary knowledge needed, then our project was started!