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Member Attribution List

Instructor: Jiankui He

Dr. He is the instructor of SUSTC_Shenzhen_A. Dr. He has mentored the entire project, including the orginizing the journal club, proposing the idea of iPhone app for partsregistry. Dr. He met igem team members once a week to give advices on software development, human practice and wiki editing.

Captain: Xiao Tong

As the leader of our team, I am in charge of software designing and code writing.

I wrote the majority of our software. And I am the chief designer of our Human Practice part.

I am in charge of communicating with other teams.

Mubing Zhou

I wrote the major search part during the first project. During the second project, I was in charge of the drawing part. But later other members replaced me. In addition, I am the co-author of our RFC.

In wiki, I brought out the the second template and part of the third.

Chenchen Lv

Took part in catalog page building in Biosearch.

Be responsible for the User Interface and animation of project2.

Also modified and debugged other team member’s program.

Deng Pan

I designed the user interface of search result page in Biosearch

Then worked on the iPad version of BioSearch App.

Our team dropped the Mysql database which we set up before and substituted by Sqlite, and I worked for it .

Jingyao Guo

I wrote a part of the detail page in the first APP and designed several styles for it; then wrote several functions to enable movement, rotation and connection of biobricks in the second APP.

Besides, I designed our team shirt, and participated in the make of posters and fourfold for human practice part.

Junqiu Zhang

For the first program, I mainly dealt with the lists in the Catalog part.

For the second program, I mainly dealt with the files, including create, rename, delete, etc.

I am also the co-author of the RFC.

Qijia Cheng

Took charge of designing universal app that work on both iPad and iPhone.

Upload Biosearch and see why it was rejected for the first time.

Discussed with Pan Deng about local database and finally found one kind of SQLite database provided by Apple:Core Data.

Fixed the icon resolution problem and uploaded the app again.

Xin Yang

I’m responsible for the database of BioSearch (Mysql version) together with Zhao Yujun, and wrote the framework of the detailed interface.

As for BioDesign, I programed the scrollview UI.

Later, I was called to assist Pan Yidan with our wiki mostly for human practice section.

Yidan Pan

In Biosearch project, I converted our data from a xml file into the form of MySQL through "XML->excel->MySQL".

I am the chief leader in building wiki, designing all the layout, bringing out most of the templates, and submitting most of the picture and script online. In the later period, with Xin Yang's help(not only editing human practice but debugging), we worked on wiki with high efficiency.

I also participated in film production part of our human practice.

Besides, I'm the supply officer ...

Yiqi Jiang

1)'BioSearch':Wrote catalog page with Chenchen Lv, Junqiu Zhang and Zili Fan. Designed the UI interface and icon with Jingyao Guo.
2)'BioDesign': Made the buttons do the functions as follow: delete, add, move and rename.
3)Humanpractice:In prophase, made the panels with the introduction of SynBio, iGEM and our team with Jingyao Guo and Chenchen Lv. In late stage, became the responsible person of humanpractice. Mainly responsible for speech. With the responsible person of B team, took three high school speech.
4)Wiki: Uploaded pictures and made some data maps and the logo with Jingyao Guo.
5)When BioSearch was completed, contacted the members of the other iGEM teams, invited them to take part in our trial plan.
6)The original designer of our team logo. (φωφ)

Zili Fan

Biosearch:Part of the work of catalog interface.

BioDesign: Got the main algorithm of the drawing part of Tinkercell.

Connection among pictures, recognition of gestures, edit in path part

Intergration of the path part and the picture part in picture processing

the introduction of the corresponding part in wiki and data collecting in human practice.

Yujun Zhao

I analysed the structure of total software scripts to decide where I should fix up and how to do it.

My partner Deng Pan had loaded the database with xml format into a sqlite file. I succeeded in writing a piece of code to export the data. I .

I modified the software.

I succeeded in locating the database. But there was some bugs about the search keyword. I was trying to fix it.

I wrote a piece of code to export the data to make sure the data integrity.