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  Besides programming, we still have a lot of fun in the free time. This is a joyful and colorful summer vocation.

Playing Cards


  Almost all our team members like to play cards, so it became a major entertainment activity during our free time. This is a kind of board game that is now very popular among young people of China. It is origin from the history of the Three-Kingdom-Era. Players are divided into different groups according to their identities in the game, and each group will do its best to win the game. It was really a lot of fun when playing this game. Besides playing, we chatted lightly with each other, joked around and laughed a lot. Almost every evening, the school is filled with our laughter.

  We also played a card game called Uno. This one is much easier. After the mid of August, when the freshmen came to the campus, sometimes we played cards with them. Through this activity we became good friends.

Climbing Mount Tanglang


  Four of us, Mubing, Junqiu, Zili and Xin went to climb Mount Tanglang at the beginning of the summer. Mount Tanglang is a mount, which is not far away from our school.

  July 15th, it was a sunny day with a little cloud in the sky. The weather was hot and a little humid, but we could feel the breeze through our fingers. There were lots of trees on the mountain, the branches and leaves formed a green curtain. Colorful butterflies flied above our head, their wings were shining in the sun. It was a beautiful summer day.

  It was really very tiring; we almost wanted to quit in half way. But finally we overcame all the difficulties, and climbed to the top. There was a booth from where we could see our campus. Every thing down below seemed so tiny, we felt like walking in the air.

Hang Out and Eating


  There are many girls in our team, and we share a hobbit, which is eating dessert. We often hang out together, and find a dessert house, then rush in and have a dessert banquet! We all believe that, eating together is the best thing way we can find to communicate emotions.

  Our director of support services, Yidan, always provided us with lots of delicious snacks, which were enjoyed by everyone. Sometimes she even made dessert for us herself! And it was really yummy!



  We had a holiday, which lasted for a week when we finished the first program. Many members went home, but some of us went to Guilin, the city that is famous in China for its beautiful landscape. It was a short trip, but we really enjoyed it. We love the green mountains, the clear water, the amazing karst caves, and of course, the delicious local food. There are many minorities in Guilin, and we were impressed by the gorgeous minority culture. All the things are wild, as pristine as the ore; but they are at the same time so strong and lively, which make people to appreciate them wholeheartedly.

Do the Puzzle


  We also do the puzzle in our free time. It is Mona Lisa, and is made of one thousand pieces. It was such a difficulty in the beginning, because it was very hard to distinguish two little pieces. But then it became much easier as we all tried to figure it out together. It was a fantastic break after we were tired of programming. Now it is almost completed. Every time when we see Mona Lisa smiling at us, the feeling of proud arises spontaneously.

  Through doing the puzzle, we know that no difficulty can defeat us, as we are a team, we are together. We believe that we are one, now and forever!