Team:SUSTC-Shenzhen-A/Activity AJ




Asian Jamboree


  Oct.5th-Oct.7th, Asian Jamboree was successfully held at HKUST. Two teams from South University of Science and Technology of China, SUSTC-Shenzhen-A and SUSTC-Shenzhen-B have demonstrated their talents and achievements to the whole Asia. As well they enjoyed the competition very much.



  On the first registration day, our team has received wide attention. Not only because we are a brand new team, but also because we as a software team, truly brought something new. At suppertime, we dived into the crowd of iGEMers from other teams, chatting about the game, the team and each other’s projects. It was such a harmonious atmosphere that we were more convinced that this was much more than a competition.



  Next, we rehearsed our presentation at the auditoria. Luckily, our brother team USTC-Software watched the whole process and provided us very kind advice. Then we dispersed to distinctive rooms to have a look at other teams. With no doubt, all were elaborately–designed, well prepared and fluently-presented. We felt a sense of pressure that made us even clear that as for a world-class competition, each team was pretty competitive.




  On the second day to HKUST, Jamboree officially started! Time schedule was very compact. Although SUSTC-Shenzhen-A was the first one in the first session, Xiao, Mubing and Xin were confident about their following performance. They were also a little bit nervous since it was the first time in their life to present in front of people from all Asia. After all they put so much endeavor to this presentation and finally their perspiration deserved a reward. With delightful music, all team members came to the stage to answer questions from judges and rivals. With a short meditation, Captain Tong answered the question briefly and accurately. Suddenly applauds echoed around the auditoria and smiles blossomed on everybody’s face. We saw tears in each other’s eyes and we all knew that even we were not the best; at least we tried our best.




  Later, we went to interesting auditoria and enjoy the presentation of other teams. We found that by auditing, our horizontals were broadened. During the poster time, we promoted BioSearch to numerous teams and got to know the need of wet team face to face. Besides competition, we also had delicious tea and dinner. Mascot Run in the evening was a great fun.



  Oct.7th, the third day was the most exciting moment for all teams. When championship was announced to award the most prominent team of Asia, everybody held his breath waiting for such joyful news. As a result, team from SJU lived up to their name and got the Finnalist. While we only achieved the silver medal, we found our project worth doing and got progress here in the Jamboree. This was not a competition, but a communication platform for college students pursuing dreams in science.