Core Student Members

GUO Huaqing

GUO Huaqing I love Life Science. Contact me at

Hua Nan

HUA Nan Wiki designer and modeler, I like challenge myself of impossible.


JIN Zhenming o(∩_∩)o U can identify happiness through test tube \(^o^)/ Contact:

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SUO Yang Love life, love science, love life science. Love cycling, love trains, love cycling trains. Perusing a PhD degree in US. Contact:


WU Jiajie Faith! Hope! Love!

Wu Yuqi

WU Yuqi Never,never,never say give up ! Mail: albertwyq


XI Rui Mail:

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YIN Ruonan To save life and to make lives better, I'd never change till the world ends. Contact on


YU Yineng One biotechnology senior. Will become a M.D. anyway! mail:


ZHANG Shaobo As a sophomore, i am trying to make improvement by following these talented guys, i am looking forward to making a great idea into fact, i am enjoying 'fighting' together with these intelligent teammates. I am excited to be in such an amazing journey of life science.

ZHANG Yuehan

ZHANG Yuehan Hallo, my name is ZHANG Yuehan and I am a senior at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I am majoring in biotechnology and plan to pursue graduate study in health care. Contact:

Other Members

Song Yuanhao

Liu Shiyi

Li Jingchang

Hu Linghan

Yang Jinglin


HE Lin

HE Lin

Ph. D, Professor, Director

Genetic biologist, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fellow of TWAS. Professor and Director of Bio-X Institutes, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Professor and Director of Institutes of Biomedical Scieces, Fudan University. Professor and PI of Shanghai Institute for Nutritional Sciences, SIBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Associate editor of “Biological Experiment and Medicine” and editors for more than 10 scientific journals. The chief scientist of the National 973 Program, member of the Expert Steering Committee for the 863 Programs. By now he has published over 300 peer-reviewed papers.

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MA Gang

MA Gang

Ph.D, Associate Professor, Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Ma’s interesting focus on two directions: organism development and signaling transduction; gene expression and metabolism pathway regulation by using synthetic biology. His works have been sponsored by NSFC and 973 programs. He has won two golden medals of International Genetic Engineering Machine Competition (iGEM, a synthetic biology competition) as an instructor of SJTU-BIOX-SHANGHAI team in 2009 and 2010. In 2011, he has won the Best New Biobrick and Device (Asia Jamboree) award and the Sweet Sixteen award (World Jamboree).

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Research Assistant in Ma's Lab

Wang just gained Bachelor Degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and now is the Research Assistant in Ma's Lab focusing on Synthetic Biology to develop new systems to control the metabolism pathway. As the core member of 2011 SJTU-BioX-Shanghai iGEM team, he with his team members developed the rare codon system and won the Best New Biobrick and Device (Asia Jamboree) award and the Sweet Sixteen award (World Jamboree). He is searching for a Ph.D program.