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Undergraduate Members

Beini Wang
Beini is entering her third year of studies in the Life Sciences. She enjoys running by the waterfront, running gels, and contemplating her next meal. She aspires to become a gastroenterologist.
Andrew Pham
Andrew is entering his fourth year of studies in the Life Sciences. He is also known for being a funny guy. When he isn’t out saving kittens and being a mentor to young children, he likes to be in the lab running PCRs or doing heat shock transformations.
Daniel Hughes
Daniel is entering his third year of studies in the Life Sciences. He enjoys reading stuff and thinking about things, from biology to other stuff. His hope is to one-day cure the common cold, smallpox, and feeling tired. He also likes the third person form.
David Walter
David is entering his fourth year of studies in Life Sciences. He enjoys listening to classic rock, and playing wiffle ball. After his undergrad degree he plans to go to graduate school for cancer research.
Faisal Bakhteyar
Faisal is entering his fourth and final year of Chemical Engineering. Between Synthetic Biology and planning for life after university, Faisal spends his time collecting coins for his next fix of a Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino.
Maggie Campbell
Maggie is a 4th year Biochemistry student and full time Yogini. She enjoys reading, baking/eating yummy treats and winning at trivia.
Phillip Tsang
Phillip is a Life Scientist. He can often be found on his computer keeping up to date with the latest developments in the world of soccer, hockey, and biotechnology.
Mitangi Parekh
Mitangi is going into her fourth year of Biology. She enjoys reading and writing fiction as well as being being a little awkward at times. Besides working with the QGEM team, she is bravely battling the MCAT.
Victor Pham
Victor is a Biochemical Engineer and our lab manager for the summer. When he is not found working in the lab or researching, he can be found sleeping, living life day by day, or eating large amounts of rice.
Liam (William) Chaplin
Liam is a first year Engineering student going into Chemical Engineering.
Kevin Chen
Kevin is our Team Manager and Biochemist entering his 4th year. When he's not roaming the world of synthetic biology, he's juggling, slacklining, bboying or doing other odd hobbies in general.
Aaron Trotman-Grant
Aaron is a Life Science student specializing in Microbiology and Immunology. Besides working in various research labs, he enjoys playing soccer, taking part in the arts, and keeping up to date on the advancements of medical science.
Eric Towers
Eric is a Biochemical Engineer going into his 3rd year. When Eric is not working on QGEM, he is busy with his role at Golden Words as a Business Manager and also as a Technical Summer Student at an Oil and Gas company.


Dr. Ian Chin-Sang Dr. John Allingham Dr. Robert Campbell Dr. Juliana Ramsay
Dr. William Bendena Dr. Kenton Ko Dr. Nancy Martin Dr. David Zechel

Dr. Steven Smith