Team:Queens Canada/Notebook/Week2



Notebook - Week 2

Given that we have not started lab work yet, we will not be posting anything until we get into the lab (week 3)

Monday May 7

Today we delved deeper into our researching our project ideas.

Tuesday May 8

Today we decided that in addition to normal headshots, we must have gifs for our team page. We also learned about BioBrick assembly methods.

Wednesday May 9

Today we made a list of pros and cons for each project idea.

Thursday May 10

Today Faisal took our team photos for us.

Some QGEM humour: Daniel: “Is jamboree an actual word outside of iGEM?” Liam: “Yeah, it’s like a hoedown.”

Friday May 11

Today we searched far and wide for potential proteins and pathways to express on our flagella, preferably under 250 aa.