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Notebook - Week 1

DateProtocolPeopleDNA (if relevant)Quantities and Parameters (if relevant)
08/10/2012Fast DigestionVictorppFGFP + nFFGFP 
08/10/2012Gel ExtractionVictornFFGFP + pFFGFP 
08/10/2012Digestions KevinJ48200 w/ pSB1AT3 J13601 Lac operator w/ pSB1A3 746007 Antigen 43 w/ pSB1C3 
08/10/2012digestionFaisal and DavidSmtA and FMT with X and S 
08/10/2012Gel ExtractionPhillipIPTG (SP), T7 promotor (SP), mCerFC (1,3,4 - 2 trials each) 
08/10/2012DigestionPhillipGE IPTG SP [X], GE T7 Prom SP [X] 
08/10/2012Gel Electrophoresis Phillip 1. ladder 2. GE mCerFC 1,2 3. GE mCerFC 1,1 4. GE mCerFC 3,1 5. GE mCerFC 3,2 6. GE mCerFC 4,1 7. GE mCerFC 4,2 8. DIG GE DIG IPTG SP [X] T1 9. DIG GE DIG IPTG SP [X] T2 10. ladder 11. DIG GE DIG T7 Prom SP [X] T1 12. DIG GE DIG T7 Prom SP [X] T1 13. DIG nFFGFP XP 14. DIG nFFGFP 2 XP 15. DIG I15601 (pSB1A3) XP 16. DIG J45200 Banana Odour XP (pSB1AT3) 17. DIG 346002 Antigen 43 XP (pSB1C3) 18. Ladder
08/10/2012Fast DigestionVictornFFGFP GE 2, ppFGFP GE 1, MPP Bio-timer k088006, MPP I13601, MPP Bis0A K123000, MPP Antigen 43 K346007denatured for 14 mins at 37 degrees. Heat inactivated at 80 degrees for 20 mins
08/10/2012Gel ExtractionVictor and Kevin 1. ladder 2. nFFGFP DIG XP 3. ppFGFP DIG XP 4. DIG Bio-timer k088006 XP 5. MPP Bis0A K123000 XP T2 6. DIG Antigen 43 K346007 XP 7. DIG KI13601 XP
08/10/2012PCRPhillipnFFGFP 1+2, ppFGFP 1+225 cycles, 2ul of dna used
08/10/2012PCRBeinimCerFC25 cycles, 10uL of dna used
08/10/2012GelKevin 1. ladder 7. J04500 SP dig 8. nFFGFP dig Xp
08/10/2012DigestionPhillipJ04500 SP 
08/10/2012DigestionBeiniGE nFFGFP 1 [XP] 
08/10/2012GelBeini 1C3 XP GE, 1A3 BisdA XP GE, I13601 1A2 XP GE, J04500 SP GE, K088006 Timer XP GE pSB1A2, GE pFF GFP XP 
08/10/2012Gel BeinimCer FC C, nFF GFP C, T7 prom GE X, IPTG SP GE, DIG GE IPTG SP X, GE T7 prom SP 
08/10//2012Gel extractionBeini, KevinmCer FC, pFF GFP, nFF GFP GE XP, pFF GFP XSloaded 4 uL loading dye : 16 uL DNA; for digests with FD green, loaded all 30 uL

Given that the vast majority of our work now is in the lab, we will only be updating the "Labwork" section of the Notebook.