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Penn 2012 iGEM Wiki

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  • Regional Winners!
    Penn iGEM placed first in the Americas East Regional Jamboree and advanced to the World Championships! Read more
  • Light Induced


    pDAWN ClYA construct
    We have developed light-activated cell lysis using the YF1/FixJ Blue Light sensor and the ClyA protein.
    Read more
  • Novel Surface


    Display of ANTi-her2 DARPin
    Our team is the first to use the INPNC protein to display the DARPin Anti-HER2 binding protein on the surface of bacteria
    Read more
  • Outreach
    Clark Park Science Fair
    Learn more about our education outreach with high schoolers and West Philadelphia residents!
    Read more
  • Lab Work
    Learn about cool experiments the team performed this summer!
    Read more

Welcome to the Penn Wiki!

With the help of our sponsors, the Penn iGEM Team is excited to compete for its second year!

We have been working hard all summer and are proud of what we have accomplished.

Please, take a look around!

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