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Student Members

Tina Chen

Tina Chen is a member of the Peking iGEM 2012 team. She is currently a sophomore at the University of California, Davis studying Biotechnology.
"You are too concerned with what was and with what will be. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery…But today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."

XIONG Hongyu

XIONG Hongyu As the deputy team leader of Peking iGEM 2012 team, Hongyu Xiong mainly works on project Modeling and organized the human practice project "Sowing Tomorrow's Synthetic Biologists".
I have long been enthralled in the areas of exploring the limits of the nature. Physics serves to find the most basic principle of the Universe, and Biology is to reveal the mechanism of the most complex phenomena related to life.

SUN Sibai

SUN Sibai was sophomore in Peking University in 2012 majoring in Physics. He is curious in everything he didn't know. He wrote the templates of this wiki system character by character. He is also a modeler in Peking iGEM 2012 team. He simulated the Luminesensor repressing process and the Phototaxis system with Xiong Hongyu, another modeler in this team and his friend. (^u^)
I like this competition. iGEM provides a platform to show us what a teamwork is and to let us show all our flash points.

YU Zhou

YU Zhou So thrilled to the foundation was I when I found myself facing an unprecedented principle.
Such a principle, with synthetic biology as its incarnation, when stripped of all the disguise of hypothesis, equations and parameters, is surely, and purely, the attempt to face in a rational and systematic way the forever perplexing phenomenon in biology systems, which has bewildered us since prehistoric times, and the ambition to thoroughly understand, accurately control, freely engineer or even create from the bottom up biological functions that have been considered divine and formidable through the entire human history.
Such gratification I felt, such joy I enjoyed, when I found myself not only facing, but also merging into such a principle. With all the goodwill that I cherish, I shall make it prevail.


ZHANG Hong This summer, my experimental assignment is mainly about cloning and characterization of the three mutants of our fusion protein. I am also responsible for ordering experimental supplies and maintaining proper environment of our lab.

LI Dayi

LI Dayi is a member of the Peking iGEM 2012 team. He is a fifth year student in the PKU School of Basic Medical Sciences.
As the fast development of life science, basic medical sciences is now becoming a crucial approach in understanding human health science, Synthetic biology is an incredible way to combine our knowledge and put them into use. I am looking forward to make it happen. One day less, one day closer, the day is coming.

QIU Zhen

QIU Zhen
We get closer to truth through free, rational thinking and practical , reliable test. It is fantastic to see living things work as expected.

ZHOU Wenyuan

ZHOU Wenyuan Being inspired by the great potential of molecular design and dynamic simulation, I take the responsibility of designing another orthogonal signal channel by shifting the absorption spectrum of LexA-VVD fusion protein. Molecular docking helps with a rational design of the choice of certain mutations and certain analogues of the chromophore—riboflavin.
Apart from academic endeavors, I am also responsible for the outreach, cooperation and communication with other iGEM teams and researches from other labs.

ZHAO Zhilei

ZHAO Zhilei is the team leader of the Peking iGEM 2012 team. Being interested in the fantastic synthetic biology world, Zhilei enjoys participating in the design and implementation of the Peking iGEM 2012 project with his talented team members.
Synthetic biology is a powerful tool for both the conventional biology and bioengineering in my point of view. The philosophy of synthetic biology is potentially applicable to other sub-disciplines of life sciences to help us understand nature. “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” The golden era of synthetic biology is just around the corner.

ZHANG Zidong

ZHANG Zidong is a member of Peking iGEM 2012 team and this is his first year in iGEM. He is majorly responsible for some wet lab work of this project this summer.
I really admire interdiscipline research and I enjoy working with students from different colleges. I hope to learn a lot from the process.

LI Hanxi

LI Hanxi has done the least cloning work this summer, this guy has become a quite experienced carpenter and wireman. Thanks to designing and manufacturing devices for printing with his happy companions, now he can use hacksaw and paint gun deftly.
I am so happy to gain more muscle after making those crude devices.

LIU Jintan

LIU Jintan is the deputy team leader of Peking iGEM 2012 team. He is in charge of team routines, making sure team collaborates well. He is also responsible for 2 dimensional printing part as well as light communication.
Looking forward to witnessing more exciting achievements! Love life, love life sciences.

YAN Jiawei

YAN Jiawei is a sophomore majoring in Life Science and also interested in electronic engineering. He is in charge of the construction of our darkroom and optic devices. And as a member of the wet lab, he spent hours in cloning things although some of them didn’t got used in our project… He is interested in both neuroscience and systems biology, and he is also an expert in Western Classical Music.

LU Tian

LU Tian is a member of Peking iGEM 2012 team. He is responsible for the phototaxis part in the team.
It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, it is the age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness, it is the epoch of belief, it is the epoch of incredibility, it is the spring of hope, it is the winter of despair. We find more about SB, we find more unknown about SB. Hongkong and Boston, we are composing a tale of two cities.

XING Wenmin

XING Wenmin is the financial manager of Peking iGEM 2012 team. She is responsible for the phototaxis section of our project. She also designed the lecture for our human practice.
I do enjoy the work this summer. This is my first time engaged in scientific research. It’s interesting and challenging to put our ideas into practice. iGEM benefits me a lot because not only do I learn about synthetic biology but also some good friends.


YANG Lu is the artist of the Peking iGEM 2012 team. She focuses on the design of our wiki and poster.
Science is one kind of arts. I enjoy the combination of science and art when participate in the Peking iGEM team this summer.


YU Ye is a senior student from Xiamen University. He is experienced in organizing visa application and arranging travel affairs.




ZHANG Haoqian

CHEN Shuobing

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