Meeting and Academic Communication

1/Meeting with Peking iGEM Team

As a new born iGEM team,questions below puzzled us for a very long time. However,Peking Univerisity iGEM team helped us a lot by giving us directions willingly.

*How about biosafety issues?

“Biosafety is not a far-reaching issue for us,in fact,”Said Robin Chen,”biological weapons is within reach by means of synthetic biology.The reproducible nature of life will be the most horrible aspect as a weapon.”

*What’s our role in the synbio globalization progress?

It’s really a good idea to ultilize the creativity and passion of youngmen all over the world to explore new ideas.”It is like a high throughput machine, putting many novel ideas into practice without paying a single dollar.”Said Zhang Peiran,a modeller of OUC. It is really a brillant idea,after all.

*What the item synthetic biology actually mean?

“Synthetic biology is based on previous works of molecular biology actually,under the guidance of system biology,quantitatively understand and construct a part,a device,even a system.”Said Zhang Haoqian,who had participated in iGEM as long as four years,now the leader of Institue of Synthetic and System Biology in Peking University,”What it(synbio) matters is that the part or device you made on your project really works.”

2/A Visit to Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Science

*What’s the relationship bewteen microbiology and synthetic biology?

2011 Winter, we visited Institure of Microbiology CAS,which made us more clear on the relationship between Synbio and Microbiology.We realized that microbes are the most wonderful things in the world in terms of Synbio,microbes are a wonderful gene library for deriving biobricks.And, we can see the enormous protential of other species other than E.coli in energy,health,enviroment…


*What is QIBEBT?

QIBEBT is short for Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology.Aiming at producing renewable biofuels by plants,QIBEBT utilize synthetic biology approach to engineer a series of energy plants like fuel algae.

*Researcher Xu Jian Visited Ouc iGEM Lab

Last year,our instructor,researcher Xu Jian visted our lab and shared his comments on synthetic biology with us,then we reached an agreement of cooperation.

Our Instructor Researcher Xu Jian Visited Ouc iGEM Lab

*Making iGEM known in QIBEBT

“The question that fresh labmen come up with always concerns with the most basic problem,”says Ma Bo,another instructor of us,”and they always unscarred by experimental depression or old sterotypes,that is the most invaluable idea for our lab.”

Performing Experiments in QIBEBT

Through we performed most of our experiments in QIBEBT,which focused on synthetic biology engineering,little knowed iGEM including our instructor,they even thought we were playing house like child!We were depressed and determined to change their attitude,to this end, we showed our enthusiasm and sharpness as an iGEMer,many researchers were impressed by the novel idea of iGEM projects,rigorous experimental design and detailed datasheet!

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