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Fatty Acid Related

Part Name Description
BBa_K817001 FadR
BBa_K817002 PfadBA
BBa_K817007 plac-RBS-FadR
BBa_K817031 PfadBA-TetR(P0340)-pLac
BBa_K817032 PfadBA-TetR(P1040)-pLac
BBa_K817033 PfadBA-mRFP

Thermal Related

Part Name Description
BBa_K817013 pCI(OL1-OR1)-mRFP
BBa_K817050 Novel thermal promoter, Phs
BBa_K817052 pCI (OL1-OR1)

GLP-1 Related

Part Name Description
BBa_K817000 SP1-GLP1
BBa_K817008 J23119-RBS-SP1-GLP1-xx

Penetratin Related

Part Name Description
BBa_K817021 RBS-SP1-Penetratin-Flag
BBa_K817022 RBS-SP2-Penetratin-Flag
BBa_K817023 RBS-SP3-Penetratin-Flag
BBa_K817024 RBS-SP1-Penetratin-Flag-xx
BBa_K817027 SP1-Penetratin-Flag
BBa_K817028 SP2-Penetratin-Flag
BBa_K817029 SP3-Penetratin-Flag
BBa_K817034 J23119-RBS-SP1-Penetratin-Flag-xx
BBa_K817035 J23119-RBS-SP2-Penetratin-Flag-xx
BBa_K817036 J23119-RBS-SP3-Penetratin-Flag-xx


Part Name Description
BBa_K817015 srnBC toxin-antitoxin cassette
BBa_K817016 parS site
BBa_K817017 pSB2K3 with parS site
BBa_K817018 gamma-delta resolvase cassette
BBa_K817019 parAB operon from pseudomonas putida KT2440 chromosome