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Our project aims to bring the top notch synthetic biology progression to bedside to help more people in need. The rapid expansion of peptide drugs has been applied in neurology, metabolic syndrome, endocrinology, and anti-cancer vaccine. Synthetic peptide can be delivered in many ways, either oral, nasal, enteral, subcutaneous, or epidermal entry. With the advent of recombinant protein secretion techniques, we can easily deliver peptides with therapeutic applications with ease. As a medical background team, it’s our mission to bring benchworks to bedside to help more people. To turn our dream into real practice, we start a series of projects dubbed “PEPDEX”, that is, to quick deliver peptides of specific therapeutic use. In our first model, we seek to deliver GLP-1, an innate, metabolic coordinating short peptide to human body, and high efficient and sustainable circuit design is thus designed and simulated to perfection. And based on this model, we can further deliver more peptides by more innovative circuit designs.