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Bacterial Anti-Cancer-Kamikaze

Press coverage NTNU iGEM in the media

Our team has being featured in several different media this year. All the published articles about us, in addition interviews with team members are listed below.


NTNU's main website

NTNU has written an article about the team and the project on their main website.

Under Dusken

The student newspaper in Trondheim, Under Dusken, visited us in the lab and wrote an article about us, the project, and iGEM in general.

Under Dusken.jpg


Bioteknologinemda (in english; the biotechnology committee), which is a committee appointed by the Norwegian government to assist in matters dealing with biotechnology, have published an interview with our team leader, Gunvor, on their website. The interview will also be published in their periodical, GENialt.


This year, our team will be participating in Researchers' Night as our main outreach project (read more about this on our outreach page), and in this context, we have also been featured in an article. The Norwegian Science Week, which Researchers' Night is a part of, have cooperated with Verdens Gang (abbreviated VG, Norway's biggest newspaper) to make a magazine covering some of the most interesting activities (we think) that is going to be part of the Science Week. This magazine will be given out as an appendix to the newspaper, and we are one of very few research activities taking part in Science Week Trondheim that have been featured. The article can be read below.

Forskningsdagene VG.PNG


We were interviewed by the University College London iGEM team's radio channel, gemFM. Click here to listen to their shows.

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