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Day 1 (17/09/12)

. Miniprepped MB attached to CFP and many BM's attached to RFP and CFP that had been grown from different plates. The concentrations were very low. These will either be discarded if readings are low after renanodropping as there may be a slight issue with the nano drop machine used.

. Cell cultures of the BM ligated to CFP and RFP were pelletted and viewed under UV light to check for fluorescence. We found that when grown in the presence of potassium nitrate, they did as expect glow and hence, we have successful ligations and BioBricks. However, as the miniprepping was unsuccessful, we re-innoculated and will try again tomorrow.

Figure: The pelletted cells of BM attached to RFP and CFP fluorescing after growth in potassium nitrate.

Day 2 (18/09/12)

Flow Cytometry data of BM-RFP or MB-CFP transformed Ecoli.

MB-CFP transfected mammalian cells were treated with SNAP (an Nitric Oxide donor) and imaged using a Zeiss CCD2 inverted microscope.

Day 3 (19/09/12)

Day 4 (20/09/12)

Day 5 (21/09/12)