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Other Contributors

Our team is very thankful to our advisors, instructors, sponsors, suppliers and to those who assisted us with various stages of our project. In particular, we need to acknowledge the individual efforts and contributions of those below.


Louise Brown and Robert Willows acted as our instructors, and generously donated their time, experience, guidance, instruction and support. As well as overseeing the development and progress of our project, they provided us with protocols, advice and assistance in both the laboratory and human practice aspects of the project. For their profiles, click here.


Yagiz Alp Aksoy, David Dubow, David Handler, Joanna Hare and Edward Moh acted as our advisors. As members of previous Macquarie iGEM teams, their experience and advice was invaluable, and we are very thankful that they gave up so much of their time and effort for our project. David Dubow in particular gave up large amounts of time to assist us in our laboratory work. For their profiles, click here.

Paul Worden

Paul Worden of the Macquarie University DNA Sequencing Facility assisted with our project by running our sequences for us. We were then able to go on to analyse and characterise our BioBricks with this information. For more information on the Macquarie University DNA Sequencing Facility, click here.

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

IDT supplied us with our gBlocks, and kindly allowed us a discount on our order as well as donating shirts for each member of our team. For more information on IDT, click here.


For our full list of sponsors, please click here.

jQuery, Java & Open Source HTML Codes

jQuery and other HTML code sources were used to construct our wiki, and we greatly appreciate the work of others in developing the scripts that we utilised.