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Our Advisors

The 2012 Macquarie iGEM team has received wonderful advice throughout this project from students that have previously competed in iGEM at Macquarie University. Additionally, they have also helped to supervise the team in the lab for tireless hours out of their own time.


Jo was a member of the original 2010 team. Now a Ph. D student with Dr. Louise Brown, her advice and guidance in the lab has been invaluable.


Ed was a member of the 2011 team, who is currently completing his honours year in a Bachelor of Science degree. He was a tremendous help as a troubleshooter and in general, a source of clever ideas throughout the semester.


Dave was also a member of the 2011 MQ iGEM team who is currently completing his masters under A/Professor Rob Willows. He provided a constant source of expert advice in and out of the lab.


Dave was the 3rd returning member of the 2011 MQ iGEM team, who, with his cheery disposition was key in shaping our philosophy for the human outreach aspect of the project.


Yagiz provided the team with his expertise when he was available. He sourced the sponsorship with the Defence Science Institute.